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Using the social media platforms provided by competitive bass fishing to find ways to give back to communities across the mid-west.  GC Fishing, LLC provides promotional and advertising services to non-profit organizations that support Veterans, First Responders,  and their families.   Our goal is to give back. Together with our dedicated Sponsors, we can do that!   With our increased success comes even greater support to the non-profits we serve.  Join us and lets make a difference! 

Promotions and Advertising for Non-Profits

Promotions and Advertising

GC Fishing, LLC provides specialized promotions and advertising services to Non-Profits at no-cost! We dedicate our time and resources to help further the efforts for causes that make a difference in the lives of communities across America!


Guided Hero Fishing Trips

We are fishin' with a mission..

Working with our fantastic nonprofit partners, we provide fishing trips designed for veterans and first responders.  A no-cost excursion to engage the outdoors and enjoy its healing benefits!

Competitive Tournament Fishing

Competitive Fishing
Tournament Angler

We choose to fish the MLF Big 5 circuits almost exclusively!  With the vast media reach, largest competitive fields, and highest earnings potential, the MLF organization is the perfect venue!